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We believe in giving back, so we will form our own 501c(3) non-profit Corporation and provide aide and support to deserving people and institutions in need all over the world.

Through our philanthropy efforts, we will promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donations of money and services to good causes.  All aide will be calculated, focused and warranted to deserving people and organizations.

Why are we going to create our own 501c(3) non-profit?  It’s a simple answer.  It’s to ensure we have total control of where our contributions go and that the money or services provided is used appropriately.

What are some of the ways we will provide support?

  1. Animal shelter aide
  2. Clothing aide
  3. Crowdfunding initiatives
  4. Disaster relief
  5. Disease prevention support
  6. Financial aide
  7. First responder aide
  8. Homeless aide and support
  9. Housing and real estate
  10. Hunger and food aide
  11. Legal aide
  12. Medical aid and relief
  13. Scholarships
  14. Schools (public, private and technical)
  15. Small business
  16. Sponsorships
  17. Travel giveaways
  18. Vehicle giveaways
  19. Veteran aid and support
  20. Wounded Warrior projects
  21. plus sooooo much more...

The name for this Corporation has not been named at this time.