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Launch Phases

We Are Currently In Phase 1

  1. Phase 1:
    1. Build our (Lucro Life - Leaders Shaping Tomorrow) Facebook group to around 750+ members.
    2. Once we have our numbers in the above Facebook group, we will post a poll to see how many of those in the group are going to move forward.  We need a minimum of 500 members who are committed to join to go into phase 2.
    3. We are opening globally to more than 120 countries with our travel product.  All tangible products have to be sold in the USA for now.
    4. Our 2,500+ members can reside anywhere in more than 120 countries around the world.
    5. We will accept FPO/APO addresses.
    6. The advantage of phases 1 and 2 is all that time to team build prior to getting active.  When all your team members go active during the first commission run, with months of prior team building, it's going to create a lot of excitement and help create a number of high ranks.  Anyone who can create 75,000 points during the first two weeks, will hit Ruby, earn a well deserved RED jacket and receive a bunch of rewards.  That's 750 people in your personal line of sponsorship (uni-level) doing 100 points in the first two weeks.
    7. 2,500 people is 100 people creating a team of 25 people each or 50 people creating a team of 50 people each.
  2. Phase 2 (Soft Launch):
    1. Continue to build our Facebook group to from 500+ members to 10,000+ members.
    2. Replicated links will be provided to the level 1 Founders and allow them to start placing their personals, who will then have links to bring in their personals.
    3. $60.00 for IBO members will be required at this point to secure their position and start their business.
      1. We are NOT loading customers at this time.
      2. IBO fee is paid annually on anniversary date.  The anniversary date will start week one of Soft-Launch, not when it was paid to give you more time.
    4. Phase 2 shouldn't last longer than 60-90 days.  Our current plan is not more than 60 days.
    5. We will go into phase 3 once we have the numbers we need to create momentum.  3,500 - 5,000+ is ideal.
  3. Phase 3 (Pre-Launch):
    1. All members are in and placed and now need to get active.
    2. All members get active at this phase and buys an order of at least 30 PV.
    3. An active order is any product or products with a total Commissionable Value (CV) of 30 points or more.  30 points in dollars will be $40.00.
      1. With product + shipping + taxes, a 30PV order will run around $50.00 to $60.00.
    4. We will be in Phase 3 for a short time and will look to launching Phase 4 with 10,000 members at our first event.
    5. We are actually considering an option that as long as an order is placed in the last calendar month, regardless of order size, that member is considered active and all unpaid points will roll over.
    6. We will accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
  4. Phase 4 (Official Launch):
    1. To be announced at a later date.
    2. Once on autoship, the point requirement will be 30 points or roughly $40.00 on average (not including the shipping + taxes).
    3. Total "initial" cost to join and become an active Brand Partner / IBO (product + annual fee) will be around $100.00.

Last Updated - 01/02/2020