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Rewards Plan

Here is a basic breakdown of how we will compensate the field. Our Rewards Plan is very lucrative and we will use a binary model married to a uni-level.  Get locked in when you can and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

  1. Just 30PV to remain active. About $40.00 - $60.00 a month for door-to-door service (product + shipping + any taxes).
    1. For our digital product(s), it could be $40.00 with NO taxes or shipping.
  2. If you subscribe to our first digital product, which is financial training and education, such as tax preparation, tax management and tax deductions, that's $40.00 with a 30PV and no shipping or taxes.
    1. This package alone qualifies a member to be active.
  3. Low entry fee of 30PV if that's all you can afford. No big dollar packs are required, but they will be made available for buying volume and receiving greater discounts. You WILL need samples to hand out or sell locally if you expect to explode your business.
  4. Affiliate program.
  5. Preferred Customer (PC) program.
  6. 3 for FREE program.
  7. Fast Start bonuses.
  8. 7% to 15% can be earned on the lesser leg (binary).
    1. The first non-rank pays 7%. Once a member hits the 2nd rank of Rising Star, the payout goes to 10%.
    2. Once we get the company running, we will look to see if we can pay out up to 18% in the binary. Initially, the dual team commissions (binary pay) will be capped at 10%.
  9. Non-Flushing volume as long as you stay active.
  10. We match volume for volume on both sides of the binary. No 2:1 scenario where you have to have 600 points on one side and 300 points on the other to collect a $35.00 check. If you generate 100 points on one side and 100 points on the other, you are paid on 100 points.
  11. 14-day pay period. Most, if not all binary companies pay in 7 day pay periods and it's incredibly hard to impossible for most to reach huge volume numbers in 7 days.
  12. Get paid paid every week, up to 5 times per month.
  13. Loyalty program that pays back. Stay active and earn.
  14. Generational check matches (10% first generation and then 7% ) down ten (10) generations (uni-level). One generation could be thousands and thousands of people in your direct line of sponsorship.
  15. Rank advancement bonuses. We pay this out early.
  16. Earn 50% of a rank advancement on all those you personally sponsor, when they rank advance. Example, you help a Personal reach the rank of Ruby, that Personal gets a rank advancement bonus and YOU get half of that because you helped that person rank advance.
  17. Lifestyle bonuses.
  18. Leadership bonus pools.
  19. Founders bonus #1 - Reserved for the first 100 Founders when they reach the paid-as rank of Ruby and higher. The bonus will be shared equally to all who qualify.
  20. Founders bonus #2 - A separate bonus for the first 25,000 members who purchase the Founders Kit.
  21. Leadership jackets. Wear your rank - look amazing - stand out!!!
  22. Free giveaways (vehicles, RV's, electronics, vacations, homes, event tickets, special gifts, scholarships, toys, and more).
  23. Gold cruises. FREE all expenses paid travel for two (2).
  24. Leadership retreats (Golds, Rubys, Diamonds and Ambassadors). All expenses paid (home to resort and resort to home) for 2 people. We will roll out the red carpet on these trips to give you a lifetime of memories. We will hold nothing back.
  25. Local, Regional and National success training and events.
  26. Plus soooooo much more.

This readers digest version of the Rewards Plan is not final and is still pending evaluation.  We will fight to pay out as much as possible and still keep the company afloat.

You don't have to be a super galactic triple diamond to earn with us. We reward early in our rewards plan.

PV = Personal Volume. This is the amount of volume a member is required to maintain every month to be eligible for team commissions.

Link to our Rewards Plan:

Last Updated: 09/14/2019