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Why Lucro Life

Lucro Life came about after 30+ years of our Founder watching one company after another come and go or do things that don't really give their members a fighting chance to earn.  How many companies or so called deals have you been in lately that totally scammed you.  All that can change right now with your support for Lucro Life.

In most compensation plans, you have to be a super galactic triple diamond to earn any serious money or to earn a leadership bonus, a rank advancement bonus or a car or lifestyle bonus.  Then the rules they set for rank advancement and many of their bonuses are in the favor of the company, not YOU the person giving your hard earned money, time and effort to keep that company afloat.

Our industry has a 97% "failure" rate.  Chew on that for a bit.  97 out of 100 people FAIL, quit, or jump from company to company to company, to continue staying broke. Most of the trouble is really because of the people more than the companies they join and our Founder is sick of that, so he's determined to right the ship so to speak and give all the advantages to the members.  If someone can't make it big in Lucro Life, you can be assured it's not because of Lucro Life.

A prime example is how we compare one area of our rewards plan to that of two existing company today (see chart below).  The chart is strictly on the binary pay only, but you can see that you would need twice the amount of volume on one side of your binary to earn what we give you for 50% of their volume requirements.  If you want to work 50% less and get back the same amount, Lucro Life might be a good option for you.

So why Lucro Life?  There are many reasons why you should team up with Lucro Life and we're sharing some of those reasons below.

  1. Total transparency.  We have no secrets, we have nothing to hide, and everything we're doing is out in the open.
  2. The company founder is a 30+ year veteran who knows the field inside out, so he will deliver what you need to be successful.
  3. A very serious goal with a plan to be the next billion dollar company.
  4. We will bring our products to market to more than 150 countries in our first 10 years.
  5. We want to change the lives of 100,000,000 people around the world.
  6. A great and friendly staff that has one mission.  That mission is to help people get healthy and wealthy and to put as many people as possible in a leadership jacket.
  7. Our staff will work for YOU.  If a staff member every stops working for YOU or loses that focus, that staff member will no longer work for Lucro Life.  YOU are the priority.  Nothing else!
  8. A very rewarding rewards plan / compensation plan.
  9.  The lowest ranks are rewarded with rank advancement and lifestyle bonuses.  We are looking after the little guys so to speak.
  10. A foundation of 100 top leaders ready to help you learn and build your own empire.
  11. Daily training, at least 6 days a week where the top leaders will go live in our Facebook group for leadership training.  These leaders will share their story, what they do behind the scene to get where they are, explain the rewards plan, and answer any questions the field may have.
  12. A binary model married to a uni-level.
  13. Earn from 7% to 18% on lesser leg volume (binary).  The higher your paid-as rank is... the more you can earn.
  14. Earn 7% on up to 7 generations in the uni-level.  There could be hundreds or more people in 1 generation.
  15. Non-flushing.  As long as a member stays active, all unpaid points will carry over to the next pay period.  No cap on that amount.
  16. 100% match on points.  If a member generates 5,000 points on the left side and 5,000 points on the right side, the member will earn on 5,000 points and the paid-on 5,000 points will flush from both sides.
  17. Most binaries go week to week, just 7 days.  Our pay week will be based on 14 days to allow more time to achieve volume requirements to hit new ranks and qualify for bonuses.
  18. Get paid up to 5 times a month.
  19. A very very low autoship of just 30 points.  We are even considering an option that will keep you active as long as you have an order, of any amount in the previous 28 days.
  20. Rank advancement jackets for Rubys and above.
    1. Want it, go after it, earn it, wear it, feel it, show it.
  21. A product offering of 250 of the most essential and most desired products ever created.  We will not have products just to have products.  Efficacy is most important, so we will only add products that have a real use factor and that has a desired output.
  22. We will provide all the tools, videos, guides and documents needed at any level to become successful.  At no time will a brand partner / IBO have to create their own documents or their own videos.  That should be the responsibility of the company.  
  23. Health and wellness coaching.  We will teach our members how to be healthier, how to eat better, lose weight, work out and more.
  24. Weight loss challenges.  Can you commit to a 90 day challenge?  We are very excited about getting this area going.
  25. Very easy to read and understand literature to help you run your business.  Every little thing will be spelled out.  You won't have to scratch your head wondering what something means.
  26. Lots of videos to help you share Lucro Life.  If you can hit a PLAY button or share a link, you have all the skills you need to share Lucro Life.
  27. We will not just be a product company.  We will provide training in areas that people need, but can’t find.
  28. Plenty of cruises and leadership retreats for those who qualify.  We will pay for 100% of the trip for the qualified member.  We will not hold back and we will help create amazing memories.
  29. A very rewarding rewards plan.
  30. Only 2 strong legs are required to reach the top rank of Global Ambassador.  Maintain 3-5 and you'll always have 2.
  31. A much needed and desired assortment of products.
  32. Amazing travel deals.
  33. Amazing product deals.
    1. We are planning a back office groupon type feature.
  34. Cryptocurrency education.
  35. Cryptocurrency signals.
  36. A cryptocurrency platform to trade crypto (pending).
  37. Rewards in the form of electronics, vehicles, homes, travel, cash, crypto, entertainment, scholarships, and more.

Everyone wants something a little more than what they have, so... if not Lucro Life... what?  If not now... when?  If not by you... by who?

If you can establish your WHY, we will establish the HOW TO.

I LOVE the statement below because it's 100% true.  YOU WILL find your 11, but you may have to go through 1,200 people find them.  Never quit and you will have your own Bill Britt story.  We believe in you.

When people stop stopping... their residual checks will stop stopping!

If you're ready to finally settle down, consider Lucro Life.  If you're ready to make some money by helping others make money, consider Lucro Life.  If you're ready to "learn" how to become successful, consider Lucro Life.  If you feel lost and don't know what to do, consider Lucro Life.  If you want to make a few hundred dollars a month or even $50,000.00+, consider Lucro Life.  If you're tired of grinding and rebuilding all the time, consider Lucro Life and stake your flag.  If you're tired of teaming up with so called leaders (fakers, jokers, scammers) who are never there for you or can't ever help you, consider Lucro Life.  If you're "really" serious about starting a home based business, working from home, part time in your spare time and changing your life, you "really" need to consider Lucro Life.

It costs you "nothing" to talk to us!!!

We are building a multi-billion dollar business, so jump in and let us help you live the best life possible.  You can do anything if you commit to doing it.

Math Doesn't Lie!

Check out this quick comparison chart of the dual team commissions earned between Lucro Life and two existing companies using a similar binary model.  These numbers are for the binary pay only and do not reflect the many other ways we pay.

Example:  To earn $2,500.00 in binary pay, you would need 250 people on the left and 250 people on the right doing 100 points with Lucro Life.  If you compare that to Company ABC and Company XYZ, keeping all things the same, you would need 432 people on the left and 216 people on the right to earn the same income that you can do here with 250 and 250.

With Company ABC and/or Company XYZ, you will have to have twice the amount of volume on one of your two legs and then see it all wiped out when you cycle.  Half of one leg is technically never paid on.

We pay 10% to 18% of the lesser leg volume based on paid-as rank.  The numbers below reflect the minimum of 10%, but most will earn more.